October 2013


Video projection (about 60 minutes film and animated photos) for the ballet "Wings" from Marguerite Donlon, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken, Germany.


"Wings" is about suppression and ways to overcome it, the power of imagination, a tribute to all everyday heroes, who won't let clip the wings of their thoughts.


The assignment was to create a slowly changing abstract and blurred background video, fitting to the story of the play. Dance, music and video should come together to create a whole.


The final concept was to start with black, white and shades of gray, using images from walls, destruction, bard wire, ground and ice. Then changing everything slowly to more color and movement, beginning with defrosting, then trees and branches, some light falling through, transforming to rain and water in different forms, turning into blurry landscapes and finally moving up to the sky into the clouds.