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Arduino RGB

First Arduino test with 3 light sensors, an RGB LED and processing output.

Book Cover

A one-day-project at the university/November 2010. The task was to create a book cover for a crime novel, using only typography.

One, Two, ... C4D

tests June 2012

Matte Painting

matte painting course April – June 2011

Font "Freitag"

Outcome of the typography course at university/October 2010 – January 2011:


rellustration course October 2010 – January 2011:

Flash Website

a flash portfolio website as project for my intermediate examination at university; September/October 2010.

Analogue Photography

April – July 2009

Photography 2005 - 2010

urban spaces, lines and structures, light, shadows, reflections…

Stop Motion

“home sweet home”

January 2010

A short stop-motion film created with my fellow student Anna Jochum in the Stop Motion Video class.